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Why choose natural gas? – Delores Forrest



Delores owns a rental property in Fairview, Nova Scotia and was always nervous of converting to natural gas. The thought of the process of switching to natural gas seemed like an arduous one. Then, she experienced an oil leak in her home that would cost a crippling $350,000 to clean up. The oil leak had migrated from the rental property and on to her neighbor’s property. Delores kept her oil tank in good condition, but the source of the leak was ultimately traced back to a leak in the oil line.

With the memory fresh in her mind, Delores received a flyer from Heritage Gas signaling that her neighborhood now had access to natural gas. Delores was ecstatic to get the oil out of her home! Heritage Gas “was professional and prompt in their setup and installation” of natural gas to her home. Delores couldn’t be more thrilled about the switch, saying the benefits range from a more enjoyable cooking experience over a gas stove to cost savings on her home insurance!