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Heritage Gas Supports Veith House

For the past two years, Heritage Gas has been a proud supporter of the Veith House Christmas Support-a-Family program. Almost half of Heritage Gas employees have participated in the program, providing Christmas gifts for 28 people. For Heritage Gas, giving in the community comes second nature. Zeda Redden, a Vice President at Heritage Gas says that “Everyone at Heritage Gas is fortunate and wants to give back to the communities where they live. Veith House provides such an important and inspiring service right here in Halifax”.


The Veith House Christmas Support-a-Family program provides individuals and families with gifts during the Holiday season. The goal of the program is to spread Holiday cheer to those who do have the resources, regardless of their family construct or religious affiliation.


Focused primarily on the need of seniors, children, and residents of Halifax’s North End, the need continues to grow for Veith House. The growing list has approached 300 individuals. “Heritage Gas employees give their Christmas families a sense of joy and knowledge that people do care” says Gail Gardiner, Executive Director of Veith House, “On behalf of Veith House and the people that we serve, we are very touched that Heritage Gas continues without hesitation to support us at this time of need”.


It’s still not too late for customers and partners of Heritage Gas to help ensure Veith House deliver their Christmas Support program! Here’s what you, your family, or your workplace can do to help:


1. Get in touch with Veith House today to register your support. Visit online at www.veithhouse.com or call (902)453-4320.


2. Collect small items/gifts and giftcards that could be useful to a family or individual in need. These could include:

  • Bus tickets
  • Canned goods
  • Personal care items
  • Grocery gift cards


3. Deliver your basket of goods to Veith House.


For more information about Veith House, please visit www.veithhouse.com.