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Steps to obtaining natural gas

1. Speak with a Heritage Gas Sales Representative

Simply call one of our Residential or Business Sales Representatives toll-free at 1-877-836-7427.

Our helpful and knowledgeable sales representatives will provide you with information regarding:

  • Installation costs, processes, and timelines.
  • Potential rebates and/or financing options.
  • Authorized Dealers (i.e. heating contractors) who can provide conversion cost estimates.
  • Documents requiring your signature.

2. Sign an Expression of Interest (EOI) form

  • Our EOI form is used to initiate the process of determining where our natural gas service line will be located on your property and how much it will cost you (if applicable).
  • Documents will then be prepared for your signature.
  • You are under no obligation to use gas by signing an EOI.

3. Signature of Documents

  • After our Sales representative has made you aware of any cost requirements, you will be asked to sign all documents necessary to allow us to proceed with our natural gas service line installation.
  • Signature of documents confirms that you agree with the details of your natural gas service and the Distribution Service Rules that govern the way Heritage Gas operates.

4. Prepare for Service Line Installation

  • After signature of necessary documents, we will begin the process of your natural gas service line installation. This is typically a six to eight week process.
  • While waiting for the installation of your natural gas service line, you will need to select a professional heating contractor to install equipment and activate your service.  For tips on choosing a qualified heating contractor, please visit our Authorized Dealers page.

5. Installation of Natural Gas Equipment

While we install our natural gas service line, the heating contractor you have chosen will:

  • Complete all natural gas piping required inside your home or business.
  • Install your new natural gas equipment.
  • Arrange for Heritage Gas to install and activate the natural gas meter.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of ‘Steps to obtaining natural gas’.

Payment options

Financial Institutions

Most major banks accept payments on behalf of Heritage Gas via telephone & internet banking, at ATMs, and in-person.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Pay your bill directly from your bank account. Complete an EFT form and send to our office with a copy of a VOID cheque. Download EFT Form (PDF).

Mail or In-Person

Send or bring a cheque or money order to:

Heritage Gas Limited
Suite 200 – 238 Brownlow Avenue
Dartmouth, NS
B3B 1Y2

How to read your bill

Click to enlarge the image below for an explanation of the components and charges in each section of your monthly bill. sample_bill

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your bill, please call one of our Customer Care Representatives at 1-877-836-7427.

General questions for homes and businesses

Where does our natural gas come from?

North America has abundant supplies of natural gas and Nova Scotia is connected to the North American natural gas pipeline that gives us access to more than 100 years of reserves. (source). The natural gas we use in Nova Scotia comes from 3 main regions:

  • The Sable & Deep Panuke supply basins off the shores of Nova Scotia,
  • The Utica and Marcellus region in the Northeast U.S.,
  • Western Canada (primarily from Alberta and B.C.) Source

While Nova Scotia’s offshore natural gas supplies are declining, North America still has enormous natural gas reserves, especially in the Marcellus and Utica supply basins in the Northeast U.S. and Western Canada. Alberta and B.C. produce 97% of Canada’s natural gas.

Heritage Gas anticipated the decline of natural gas supplies off the shores of Nova Scotia. We have evolved our natural gas supply strategy so we can serve our customers with secure stable and affordable gas from other regions through long-term pipeline transportation contracts and natural gas storage. This supply strategy will enable Heritage Gas to reduce the variable and more volatile commodity portion of the delivered natural gas cost and replace it with more stable transportation and storage contracts.

How does natural gas get to Nova Scotia?

Canada is part of a fully integrated North American natural gas market where natural gas flows across Provincial and International borders from supply basins to markets. Most natural gas is transported by networks of pipelines from natural gas wells to processing plants, then to Canadian customers and distribution companies like Heritage Gas.

We have entered into long-term transportation contracts to bring natural gas to N.S. from other regions of North America. The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) recently gave approval for Heritage Gas to enter into a 22-year contract on the Portland XPress (PXP) project to transport natural gas from the Dawn Hub in Ontario to the Heritage Gas distribution system in Nova Scotia. The Dawn Hub – one of North America’s most stable sources of natural gas – is strategically located in southwestern Ontario and has direct access by pipelines to North America’s major supply basins, including abundant and affordable natural gas supplies from Western Canada as well as Western Canada and the Utica and Marcellus regions in the Northeast U.S.

Heritage Gas has also signed a 20-year contract with Alton Natural Gas Storage, located near Stewiacke, NS that will lower natural gas prices by enabling us to purchase gas, transport, and store it in the summer when prices are lower, and extract the gas from storage in the winter to offset higher-priced gas in the winter.

How does natural gas get to my home or business?

Natural gas is delivered to your home or business through a system of underground pipelines. This pipe ends at a gas meter that we will install on the outside of your home or business.

Because natural gas is delivered directly to your property, it is always there, ready for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You won’t have to wait for delivery trucks, clutter up your yard, or use valuable basement space for a storage tank. There are no interruptions to service, regardless of weather, and no worries about spills.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 1-877-836-7427.

How is natural gas distributed throughout my home or business?

Natural gas is distributed using materials such as stainless steel, copper, or black iron piping installed in your home or business by a licensed gas technician. New flexible piping and state-of-the-art venting systems mean you have a greater choice of where natural gas appliances can be located. Connections can be easily made for space heating systems, water heaters, fireplaces, cooking equipment, clothes dryers, barbeques, fire pits, patio heaters, and more.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 1-877-836-7427.

Shouldn’t I consider more than just price over the long term?

Yes. Whether for your home or business, natural gas offers the most efficient choice – with furnaces and boilers being up to 98% efficient. Natural gas boilers maintain high efficiency ratings and offer higher combustion efficiency over time because there is no soot built up inside the boiler as a result of burning oil. A more efficient system uses less fuel, which results in lower heating bills.

It is beneficial to look beyond which energy source costs more (or less) from year to year and consider the system efficiency.

What is a Gigajoule?

We measure and bill natural gas in Gigajoules (GJ). 1 GJ is equivalent to 26.1 litres of heating oil, 39.2 litres of propane, and 277.79 kWh of electricity.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 1-877-836-7427.

Who sells natural gas?

We are responsible for the local distribution of natural gas to the meter at your home or business.

The cost of the natural gas commodity is our Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCRR). We purchase natural gas and pass it along to all of our customers at the price we pay for it – there is no mark-up applied on the GCRR.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 1-877-836-7427.

Is the natural gas supply secure?

The supply of natural gas is very secure. Sable Island and Deep Panuke natural gas fields are our local source of supply of natural gas.

We are connected to the North American natural gas pipeline grid with over 100 years of reserves, so you can rest assured that we will not run out of natural gas for your home and/or business.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 1-877-836-7427.

What if my current heating and/or hot water heating system needs to be replaced prior to gas being available in my neighbourhood?

You may want to consider installing a propane heating system that is easily convertible to natural gas in the future.

Such a system would need to be classified as “dual-certified” for use with natural gas, and would have a natural gas conversion kit available from the manufacturer for use at the time of conversion. Please contact us at 1-877-836-7427 to learn more about these systems.

If I’m remodeling or building a new home, how can I get ready for natural gas?

If you’re remodeling your home or building a new home, you should consider pre-piping your home to accept natural gas heating systems and appliances. For example, you could install natural gas piping throughout the house with termination points where the furnace, water heater, stove, clothes dryer, fireplace, barbecue, or other appliances would be located in the future. Natural gas shut-off valves can be installed at these termination points to facilitate easy installation of gas equipment when it is available and you are ready to convert.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 1-877-836-7427.

I just bought a property that is using natural gas. How do I transfer the account to my name?

We require personal information from you to make a tenancy change.

Please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives at 1-877-836-7427 and they will guide you through the process.