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    Nova Scotia’s New Cap & Trade Program

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    Natural Gas Benefits

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    Equipment & Appliances

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    Compressed Natural Gas

For Business

Natural gas provides consistent warmth for your business by delivery even and comfortable heat. It is an affordable, clean, comfortable, reliable and versatile energy choice for your business. And, it doesn’t stop running during electricity outages. Explore the many more reasons on why to choose natural gas here.


Heritage Gas will help save you money on your heating bills and heat your business instantly with an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source.

Natural Gas is All Around Us

Charles P. Allen High School

Halifax Central Library

Michelin Car Tire Plant


Lower Your Operating Costs

Heritage Gas can identify opportunities to help lower your annual operating costs by:

  • Understanding your energy requirements.
  • Identifying additional energy requirements and opportunities for efficiency and savings.
  • Recommending a natural gas solution that works best for your business.

We Work With You

Heritage Gas will work with you throughout the entire conversion process. We will…

  • Identify your gas meter location and service the line routing.
  • Recommend the new equipment and conversion opportunities for you.
  • Recommend the commercial heating contractors that can assist you throughout the conversion process.
  • Provideconomic analysis for your potential conversion.