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Natural gas is the right energy choice for your business. It’s Canada’s most popular fuel for heating buildings because it is economical, reliable, versatile, clean, and safe.


Over the long term, natural gas costs less to use for space heating and domestic hot water than heating oil, propane, and electricity. Natural gas also burns cleaner than fuel oil, so it’s more efficient.


The sale and delivery of natural gas is regulated, precisely metered and billed monthly to make budgeting and tracking of your fuel purchases simpler and more convenient. For large buildings, the natural gas meter can be connected to the building’s energy management system.


Natural gas is always on and there when you need it.


You’ll never have to schedule an oil delivery or worry about replacing your oil tank.


Natural can meet many of your building energy needs – space heat, hot water, clothes dryers, fireplaces, outdoor heaters, and cooling.


Natural gas can be used to fuel Combined Heat & Power generators to produce heat and on-site electricity at a lower cost than purchasing electricity from the electric utility while offering energy security protection from grid power disruptions.


Professional chefs know that cooking with natural gas is more convenient and results in better-tasting food through precise temperature control, even heat, faster heat-up, quicker boil times, and perfect temperatures for simmering delicate foods and sauces.


Natural gas is always available when you need it because it flows continuously through underground pipes to ensure a steady supply to buildings.


You’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel or scheduling fuel deliveries; and, your building won’t need any on-site fuel storage tanks that take up valuable property space.


Natural gas is an efficient and clean burning energy choice with fewer emissions than other fossil fuels. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, with carbon emissions that are 35% lower than heating oil and 70% lower than electricity in Nova Scotia.


The carbon emissions from natural gas are 70% lower than electricity in Nova Scotia.


The natural gas distribution industry is committed to the safe, secure, reliable, and environmentally responsible delivery of natural gas to customers.


Natural gas delivery systems are designed, built and operated to equal or exceed the highest codes and standards.

Natural Gas for Homebuyers

So, it seems like natural gas would be a goof choice for your buyers, but what about the higher asking price for the gas home? Shown below is an example of how natural gas will make ‘cents’ for your homebuyers.


Home A and Home B are located in the same development but Home A is listed for a higher price because of the high-efficient natural gas appliances installed in the home.


Home A

2,000 sq.ft home

Family of 4

All natural gas appliances

Listed for $279,900


Home B

2,000 sq.ft home

Family of 4

All electric appliances

Listed for $273,900



How much does the premium associated with Home A affect your homebuyers’ mortgage payments? The chart below will shoe the impact.


Additional Mortgage Payment Per Month
Interest Rate
Additional $ Financed 4% 5% 6% 7%
$2,000 $9.55 $10.74 $11.99 $13.31
$4,000 $19.10 $21.48 $23.98 $26.62
$6,000 $28.65 $32.21 $35.97 $39.92
$8,000 $38.20 $42.95 $47.96 $53.23
$10,000 $47.74 $53.68 $59.95 $66.53
$12,000 $57.29 $64.42 $71.94 $79.84


Home A

Additional cost to buy: $6,000

Additional monthly mortgage payment*: $28.65

Additional annual mortgage payments*: $343.80

*Based on an interest rate of 4%


But, according to the Canadian Gas Association, a home that uses natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking and drying saves, on average, $653 per year compared to an all electric home.


Home A is a much better deal – savings with natural gas pay for the increase in mortgage payments. Plus, your buyers get to enjoy all of the benefits associated with natural gas and natural gas appliances.


Natural Gas in New Developments

If you are interested in incorporating natural gas into your newdevelopment or are currently building in a new development and would like to explore the option of using natural gas, please contact us at 1-877-836-7427.