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Equipment Rebates for New Customers

Heritage Gas is pleased to offer a rebate of up to $2,000 to connect your business to Natural Gas (commercial customers < 500 GJ).


The following energy efficient, safe, and reliable natural gas equipment qualifies:

  • Boiler or Furnace Conversion: $1,000 Maximum Rebate]
  • Domestic Hot Water Heater: $500 Maximum Rebate
  • Natural Gas Fireplace: $500 Maximum Rebate

About the Program

Sign up for Natural Gas and receive equipment rebates that make choosing natural gas even more efficient and affordable. The rebates apply to the first 150 eligible customers who activate their equipment by December 31, 2017. Equipment must be purchased, installed and activated in 2017. To receive funds from this program, all rebate applications, including proof of purchase and installation must be received by Heritage Gas for processing by February 28, 2018.


Qualifying Criteria

  • Must be a new Heritage Gas residential or commercial customer (< 500 GJ’s)
  • Must activate a new natural gas heating system or convert an existing furnace/boiler, domestic hot water heater, or fireplace that previously used furnace oil, propane, electricity, wood or another energy source to natural gas by December 31, 2017
  • The amount of the rebate must be repaid in full if the customer receiving the rebate deactivates from natural gas within 12 months of the activation date
  • New construction residential homes and commercial buildings are not eligible • Eligible heating equipment must be purchased on or after January 1, 2017

Eligible Costs

Equipment and installation (materials and labour) of natural gas space heating, water heating and professional fees (engineering or architectural) associated directly with the conversion. Purchased, or ‘lease to own’ equipment will qualify.

Rebate Calculation

All equipment installations will be eligible for a rebate of 25% of the approved pre-tax cost of the conversion, up to the maximum amount identified in the table below:


Equipment Conversion Rebate Requirements Potential Rebate – *25% of the approved pre-tax cost to a maximum of $2,000
Boiler or Furnace Conversion – Replacement, conversion and installation of a new natural gas boiler, furnace or wall furnace Maximum $1,000
Domestic Hot Water System – Replacement, conversion and installation of a new natural gas domestic hot water system Maximum $500
Fireplace – Replacement, conversion, and installation of a new natural gas fireplace Maximum $500

Note: Replacement, conversion and installation of a new combination boiler (which is providing heat and hot water) will be eligible for a maximum rebate of $1,500.


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