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Choosing natural gas for your home offers many benefits and advantages that will help you save money, improve the environment, and increase your comfort.


Whether you currently are using heating oil, propane, or electricity, switching to gas is the natural and modern choice for home heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, BBQs and outdoor patio heaters.


Even distribution of heat and less noise and smell which makes your home more comfortable.


Natural gas is always on and there when you need it.


Provides an abundance of hot water and you’ll never have to schedule an oil delivery or worry about replacing your oil tank.


Natural gas can do a lot more than heat your home.


It is the natural choice for water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, BBQs and outdoor patio heaters.


Natural gas has historically cost less than electricity; heating oil or propane in Nova Scotia.


Natural gas heating systems cost less to maintain and have higher efficiencies than heating oil systems.


Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available and emits fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than heating oil, propane, or electricity.


Homeowners can reduce carbon emissions by over 35% and virtually eliminate sulfur dioxide emissions by switching from heating oil to natural gas.


The carbon emissions from natural gas are 70% lower than electricity in Nova Scotia.


Natural gas is one of the world’s safest, reliable and most popular sources of energy. It is used by over 16 million Canadians to safely heat their homes and businesses.

Why Convert to Natural Gas?

Watch the videos below and learn more about the benefits of converting to natural gas from electric, oil or propane.