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Natural Gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring petroleum. It consists primarily of methane and other hydrocarbons. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, with carbon emissions that are 35% lower than heating oil and 70% lower than electricity in Nova Scotia. Unlike propane that is heavier than air, natural gas is lighter than air so it will rise and dissipate in the rare event of a leak. Learn more on why you should choose natural gas.


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How is Natural Gas Produced?

Natural gas is produced by bringing it to the surface using wells. Gathering systems bring the natural gas to processing plants. Natural gas is transported by pipeline from processing plants in producing areas off the shores of Nova Scotia and in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of the United States to distribution pipeline systems throughout Canada.


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#1 Fuel Used for Space & Water Heating

While natural gas is relatively new in Nova Scotia, it has been used in other parts of Canada for over 60 years. 56% of all homes in Canada heat with natural gas, making it the #1 fuel used for space and water heating, compared to just 8% for heating oil.


Natural gas is delivered to over 6.5 million Canadian homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and institutions by Canada’s natural gas distribution companies. 20 million Canadians currently benefit from the safe, clean, reliable, abundant, and affordable energy services that these companies provide.

For Home & For Business

An essential part of our daily lives, natural gas heats our homes and businesses, drives industrial operations and growth, generates electricity, fuels vehicles and powers appliances and devices. Natural gas is growing in popularity because it is affordable, clean, versatile, reliable and safe.


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