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Authorized Dealer Network


Residential Space Heating / Water Heating / Fireplaces & Accessories

Roode & Rose Plumbing & Heating
(MasterTech HVAC and Plumbing)
Contact: Chase Foren
Phone: (902) 468-1337

Ultimate Home Comfort Inc.
Contact: George Hill
Phone: (902) 832-2575


Residential Space & Water Heating

All Green Mechanical
Contact: Pat Croucher
Phone: (902) 576-6685

Barracuda Heating
Contact: Amie Ehler
Phone: (902) 576-3020

Metro Burner Services Ltd.
Contact: Steve Burns
Phone: (902) 443-8870


Steady Flow Mechanical
Contact: Joe Graham
Phone: (902) 225-2373

Peace of Mind Heating
Contact: Leon Murphy
Phone: (902) 865-6464

Fireplaces & Accessories

Total Gas and The Fireplace Ltd.
Contact: Geoff Manson
Phone: (902) 468-7950


Residential Space & Water Heating / Accessories

Cumberland Gas Service
Contact: Mike Leger
Phone: (902) 297-4277

Glowing Embers Stoves & Fireplaces
Contact: Jonathan Read
Phone: (506) 364-5375

G.B. Gas & Energy
Contact: Greg Blair
Phone: (902) 956-1824

New Glasgow/Stellarton

Residential Space & Water Heating / Accessories

East Coast Gas Ltd.
Contact: Charles Hill
Phone: (902) 928-8937


Ross MacDonald Plumbing & Burner Services Ltd.
Contact: Ross MacDonald
Phone: (902) 695-3002

Nat-Pro Gas Services
Contact: Nick Hill
Phone: (902) 771-1000


G.B. Gas & Energy
Contact: Greg Blair
Phone: (902) 956-1824


While we install the natural gas pipeline to your home, you will require a qualified heating contractor to convert your property to gas.  You can use any qualified natural gas heating contractor of your choice, but please keep in mind that the lowest price does not always mean the best value.

Tips to finding the right contractor:

Find a few different contractors

Review our Authorized Dealer Network list above, or get referrals from friends and neighbours for a selection of different contractors.  Above all, ensure you choose experienced contractors with certified personnel.

Get estimates

Get all estimates in writing. Your estimate should be easy to read and understand, while it outlines the equipment, necessary permits or licenses, and any additional costs.

Review the contract

A written contract does not have to be complicated but it can protect you from many potential and costly problems.

Remember, a contract is a legally binding document when signed by both parties. It is important to understand and agree with its contents before you sign. Do not sign it unless you are satisfied that it includes all necessary information and accurately represents what you have agreed to.