Year: 2021

Rising Energy Prices

Energy forecasters are expecting continued high prices for most types of energy during the upcoming heating season and Nova Scotians can expect to see higher energy prices over the winter months, and into 2022. This is tough news for everyone, especially as temperatures start to drop.

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Natural Gas Pricing and Supply Trends

Heritage Gas anticipated the decommissioning of natural gas supply from offshore Nova Scotia and entered into transportation contracts to ensure customers continue to have access to reliable natural gas supply from lower volatility/stable priced North American supply basins.

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Compare Energy Costs

See how natural gas compares to oil, propane and electricity. From upfront equipment to annual energy costs and maintenance, we’ve broken it down for you so you can see the difference.

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Meet Homeowners Who Switched

96% of our customers say they’re happy they chose natural gas. Is it because of the energy savings? Not having an oil tank to worry about? See what customers are enjoying most.

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