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Budget Billing Changes

Budget Billing Changes

We are making changes to our existing Budget Payment Plan to serve you better.

Already a Budget Billing Program customer?

As a current Budget Billing program customer, you can look forward to the following improvements, which will serve you even better.

• 12-mo. payment plan, instead of the current 11-mo. plan

• 6-mo. review to ensure the budget amount is more in-line with usage patterns

• Ability to adjust the budget amount, if needed

To make these important changes, the current plan will end in June, which is the normal settlement month. We’ll be temporarily suspending the Budget Payment Plan in July, so please pay the amount due on your invoice.

We will reactivate your account on the new budget year, beginning August 2021. If you wish to remain enrolled, you don’t have to do anything. If you no longer want to be enrolled, you must tell us to ensure your account does not get re-activated. Your current plan will still settle in June.

Interested in enrolling?

If you are a residential customer and interested in the Budget Billing Program, allow us to introduce you to some of the benefits.

Energy bills can fluctuate, especially during cold months. The Budget Payment Plan can help reduce your winter bills by spreading your total estimated annual billing over 12-months. Take control of your gas bill and enjoy some predictability every month.

If you would like to enroll, you can let us know. We’ll ensure your plan starts in August 2021, when we roll out our improved Budget Payment Plan.

Please see above to learn more about the improvements.

Questions: please call 1-877-836-7427 or email

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