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How do I get natural gas in my neighbourhood?

Natural gas is still relatively new in Nova Scotia, and though Heritage Gas has grown significantly over the past 16 years, there are streets within natural gas communities that still do not have access to natural gas. The first step to explore natural gas availability in your area, is to reference the “Availability Map”. Heritage […]

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Natural Gas Solutions for Power Outages

Natural gas has an important role in providing reliable, affordable and clean energy in Nova Scotia. However, the benefits go beyond this list when a storm rolls in and the power goes out. Natural gas can help you stay comfortable during a power outage. How natural gas can help when the power goes out A […]

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What is a GJ?

The energy content in natural gas is typically measured in Gigajoules (GJ), a metric energy measure. All types of energy can be measured by either energy content or by volume. Energy content is the most accurate because it measures how much heat energy is provided by a given volume of energy.

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Electricity isn’t the only way to become a greener province

No single type of energy will enable Nova Scotia to become a greener province. To meet our diverse energy needs in a low carbon future, Nova Scotia will need to use energy more efficiently and transition to a mix of cleaner energy sources – clean electricity, renewable energy, and lower-carbon fuels.

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