Understanding Your Bill

Sections On Your Bill Explained

  • Mailing Address

    The mailing address where the bill is sent.

  • Service Address

    The service address where the natural gas is supplied.

  • Billing Period

    The period of time that this bill covers.

  • Late Charge

    The late charge applies to amounts not paid after the statement due date.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Enabled

    If you are signed up for direct payments via Electronic Funds Transfer it will be included in the notes section of the bill.

  • Amount Due

    Will include current charges and any unpaid balance.

  • Volume of Gas Consumed in Cubic Metres

    The amount of natural gas that was used during this billing period.

  • GJ Conversion

    The meter registers natural gas in cubic metres, which are then converted to Gigajoules to calculate your natural gas consumption on your bill. The pressure factor is determined by the natural gas pressure and the elevation. Volume(m3) x pressure x Energy (1m3=0.03868) x cost per GJ.

  • Billing Units

    Shows the natural gas consumption in Gigajoules (GJ).

  • Meter Read Type

    Actual: provided by the customer or Heritage Gas meter reader. Estimate: On months we do not read the meter, an estimate read is generated based on previous usage.

  • Fixed Monthly Customer Charge (FMCC)

    A fixed charge each month that covers the cost of your service line, natural gas meter, customer account administration and 24-hour emergency service. This amount is charged regardless of the energy consumed.

  • Base Energy Charge (BEC)

    This fee is the cost to distribute natural gas through the Heritage Gas pipeline system to your property.

  • Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCRR)

    The cost of the natural gas you use each month. This cost is reviewed regularly and is adjusted to reflect current market prices for natural gas. The price for natural gas depends on weather and market conditions.

  • Municipal Payment

    Payment made to a municipality that allows Heritage Gas to install gas distribution facilities in the Right of Way. Heritage Gas collects and remits this payment to your local municipality. The calculation is only applied to the FMCC and BEC.

  • Transportation Cost Recovery Rate (TCRR)

    The cost to transport natural gas to the Heritage Gas distribution system. This includes fees associated with long-term natural gas transportation contracts including tolls on the major transmission routes across Canada and the United States, where the natural gas originates.

  • Cost of Carbon

    The provincial government’s cap-and-trade system to incent a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There is a cost of carbon applied to fuels such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating fuel, propane and electricity.

  • Security Deposit

    A security deposit will be required to cover any arrears owing on your account until good payment history is established with Heritage Gas. The deposit can be waived by signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer, or supplying a current letter of good credit from another utility showing twelve months’ history. Deposits will be refunded after twelve months of good payment history.

  • Special Meter Reading

    The cost of issuing a technician to obtain a meter read or other misc. site work required.

If you have further questions about your bill, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-836-7427.

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