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Equipment & Appliances

Fuel Your Home Efficiently and Comfortably with Natural Gas Appliances.

While furnaces, boilers and water heaters are the most popular equipment choices when converting to natural gas, there are a wide variety of options for your home. Natural gas appliances cost less to operate than electric appliances. They are more efficient and cost less to maintain over time.

  • For Heating & Hot Water

    Be more energy efficient with natural gas equipment. Heat your home and hot water in the most reliable and convenient way. Natural Gas is still available when the power is off and you only pay for what you use, when you use it. ENERGY STAR models offer an efficiency rating of over 90%, maximizing your heat for each dollar you spend.

    Furnaces & Boilers

    Last longer than electric heat pumps and produce warmer, more evenly distributed heat.

    Water Heaters

    The operational costs of running a natural gas hot water heater are much lower than electric or oil hot water heaters. A natural gas hot water heater will re-generate hot water in half the time of its electric or oil counterparts.

    Combination Units

    Heat your home and hot water with one convenient and efficient unit, saving space in your home.


    Perfect for heating a room or creating a cozy ambiance no chimney required. Installing a fireplace is a great way to benefit from natural gas before your heating equipment needs to be replaced. With a fireplace, you can still have heat when the power goes out.

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  • For Cooking

    Professional chefs insist on cooking with natural gas appliances. Anyone can cook like a pro with the even, consistent heat and exceptional temperature control of natural gas.

    Ranges & Stovetops

    Provide a direct, consistent flame that can be lit manually when the power is out.


    Natural gas is always there when you need it. Never worry about running out of propane or having to go fill up a tank again.

  • For Lifestyle

    Do more with natural gas and make your home even more comfortable.

    Clothes Dryer

    Dry clothes faster and save money with a dryer that costs less to operate.

    Patio Heaters

    Extend the season of your backyard oasis with efficient space heaters.

    Pool Heaters

    Heat your pool more effectively. Enjoy the luxury and the savings.

    Outdoor Fire Pits

    Create a dream backyard with an elegant and comfortable fire pit.

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