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Rates for Home

In many cases, the total cost of natural gas is more affordable than heating with other energy sources. Rates include four main parts. For a full breakdown of a Heritage Gas natural gas bill visit the “Understanding Your Bill” section of the website.

  • 1. Delivery Charges

    Fixed charge

    A fixed charge each month that covers the cost of your service line, natural gas meter, customer account administration and 24 hour emergency service.

    • Regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.
    • This fixed amount is charged regardless of the energy consumed.
    • On a Heritage Gas bill this is called the Fixed Monthly Customer Charge (FMCC).

    Variable charge

    This fee is the cost to distribute natural gas through the Heritage Gas pipeline system to your property line.

    • This charge is variable based on your consumption during a billing period.
    • Regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board
    • On a Heritage Gas bill this is called the Base Energy Charge (BEC).
  • 2. Commodity Charge

    This is the cost of the natural gas you use each month.

    • The price for natural gas depends on weather and market conditions and is not regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.
    • This charge is a pass through, meaning Heritage Gas does not add any additional mark-up.
    • On a Heritage Gas bill this is called the Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCRR).
  • 3. Other Charges

    Cost of Carbon

    The provincial government’s mandatory cap-and-trade system to incent a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There is a cost of carbon applied to fuels such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating fuel, propane and electricity.

    Transportation Cost Recovery Rate (TCRR)

    The cost to transport natural gas to the Heritage Gas distribution system. This includes fees associated with long-term natural gas transportation contracts including tolls on the major transmission routes across Canada and the United States, where the natural gas is sourced. This charge is regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

    • Both Cost of Carbon and TCRR are calculated based on the amount of natural gas you use.

If your home were on natural gas today, your price for natural gas would be equal to paying:


If you are paying more, you could be saving each month with natural gas.

Example Rate Breakdown

Average Residential Rates as of August 1, 2022.

Charge Type Monthly Rate Example Charge 1 (for 7GJ)
Fixed Delivery Charge per month $21.87 $21.87
Variable Charge per GJ $8.685 $60.80
Commodity Charge per GJ $23.20 $162.40
Other Fees $1.42 $9.94
Total Monthly Charge2 - $255.01
Total Annual Charge - $3060.12
  1. This is an example of the average rate breakdown. Your consumption may vary from the average use depending on equipment, size of space etc.
  2. Does not include any special fees or applicable taxes.

Prices and Rates are displayed differently on a bill. Learn more about how to read your bill here.

View rates for business.

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