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Forecasted Decrease in the Price of Natural Gas for Upcoming Winter

Heritage Gas is forecasting a decrease in natural gas prices for the upcoming winter, compared to last winter. Recent long-term transportation contracts have enabled Heritage Gas to purchase and transport a larger volume of lower cost natural gas from the Dawn natural gas storage hub in Ontario.

Assuming normal winter weather, Heritage Gas is forecasting the average total price for commercial customers (>500GJs/year) to range from $9.25/GJ to $10.75/GJ, compared to $11.87/GJ last winter. This is a 9-22% decrease from the same period last year (November 1 – March 31). The lower forecasted range includes the price of gas, transportation, and the cost of carbon. It also assumes normal winter weather and represents a weighted average of a five month winter period.

The cost to transport natural gas to the Heritage Gas distribution system is known as the “TCRR”. The TCRR and Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCRR) are pass-through costs, and Heritage Gas does not add “mark-up” to the amount you see on your bill.  Find out more about rates for business and historic natural gas rates.

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