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Breaking up is easy to do.

Switch to energy you’ll love. Natural gas.

Say goodbye to that tank that always needs filling. Move on from the ups and downs of oil prices. Natural gas is so much easier to live with! You’re always connected to energy that’s reliable and consistently more affordable. Plus natural gas can do so much for your home – from heating that’s more efficient to cooking and barbecuing. When you’re ready to break up with oil, we’re here to help.

Learn more about switching to natural gas. Explore the Benefits.

Get to Know Natural Gas

See Where The Savings Are

There are many ways to save when you switch from oil to natural gas – from lower annual energy costs to lower home insurance rates. Is it worth saying goodbye to that old oil furnace? You be the judge.

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Meet Homeowners Who Switched

96% of our customers say they’re happy they chose natural gas. Is it because of the energy savings? Not having an oil tank to worry about? See what customers are enjoying most.

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Compare Energy Costs

See how natural gas compares to oil, propane and electricity. From upfront equipment to annual energy costs and maintenance, we’ve broken it down for you so you can see the difference.

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Ready to take the next step? Connect to natural gas.

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